Specifiers, Consultants & Inspectors of Commercial Floor Coverings
Sydney- Canberra- Melbourne- Brisbane
Sydney- Canberra- Melbourne- Brisbane
Sydney- Canberra- Melbourne- Brisbane

Floor covering problems such as
delamination, wrong product selection and or inexperienced tradesman is a major problem in the flooring industry and have cost both manufacturers, and or end users dearly.

Guardian Commercial flooring consultants address industry calls for the need to provide realistic technical and installation knowledge by way of providing a detailed "Guardian" type consulting service, covering all aspects from the correct product selection, through to the correct adhesives and floor preparation.

Guardian Commercial flooring consultants cover all areas inclusive of Sydney NSW, Canberra ACT, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane QLD, together with other areas by negotiation.

Guardian Commercial Flooring Consultants can provide written specifications in order to reduce the ever increasing amount of floors that are prematurely replaced, due to incorrect specifications, short cuts during the installation process and or lack of contractors / sales reps knowledge.

Guardian Commercial Flooring Consultants also offers an inspection service, whereby the client can appoint Guardian to perform inspections whilst the installation of the floor coverings is underway, to ensure that the flooring contractors are complying with the written specifications. The name Guardian is reflective of the supervision and or guidance available when the key decision maker is either not available, and or, not familiar with such procedures and or costs.

Our clients can benefit from the compilation of detailed site specific specifications that will ensure the maximum usable lifespan of the selected flooring products, derived from consultation with manufacturers, together with technical and practical knowledge and trade certified (distinction) installation experience in both resilient flooring (vinyl, rubber, lino, preparation etc)  and soft flooring (carpet, carpet tiles, preparation etc).

Guardian Commercial Flooring Consultants are not ex sales managers and or reps turned carpet consultant or resilient flooring consultant. Guardian Commercial Flooring Consultants are flooring consultants covering all aspects of floor coverings, inclusive of products selection, specification, sub floor moisture testing, floor preparation, installation inspection, flooring failure reports, counter reports and mediation support.  
Practical installation experience, further education, training and knowledge, have earned the respect and repeat business of manufacturers, contractors, and end users.   

Guardian Commercial Flooring Consultants keep up to date with installation techniques, adhesives and product technology. Our qualifications and training are respected globally by flooring manufacturers, inclusive of major manufacturers in the United States of America. Our contact with international consultants and inspectors ensure that we are up to date with the latest developments in the commercial floor coverings industry.

Should you choose to put floor coverings on a floor, wall, ceiling, bus, boat, train or aeroplane, Guardian can recommend suitable products and can compile detailed installation specifications.

Guardian can provide specifications that are compliant with AS/NZS - ASTM standards for floor coverings in Australia or ASTM for floor coverings in the USA market.



Sydney- Canberra- Melbourne- Brisbane
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