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Our services can be tailored to suit, and as follows:

» Concrete sub floor moisture & pH testing, as per AS 1884-2012, ASTM F2170, ASTM F2420 and AS/NZS 2455.

» Timber sub floor moisture & pH testing, as per AS/NZS 1080.1, AS/NZS 2098.1 and AS/NZS 2455.

» Floor coverings sub floor pre installation report, as per AS 1884-2012

» Floor coverings failure reports.

» Floor covering selection and specification. 

» Site inspection, sub floor moisture test and compilation of detailed scope of works required for tendering floor coverings and or floor preparation.

» Source and select several products and accessories for your consideration in each category that are BCA and relevant standards compliant, durable, and most suitable for the areas intended use.

» Negotiate with manufacturers and secure material pricing for the project.

» Compile detailed project specific installation specifications for each type of flooring product, based on a combination of manufacturers testing and compatibility proven systems, inclusive of primers, adhesives, floor preparation, trowels etc.

» Perform random site inspections to ensure that the flooring installer is adhering to the projects specification such as using the correct   adhesive, trowel size etc.

» Assess quotations received from flooring contractors to compare “apples for apples”

» Defects inspection prior to hand over

» Site inspection and report to assist in determining the cause of failed floor coverings and or floor preparation on existing projects.

» Adhesion bond strenght testing, inclusive of on site testing, if required.

Variation assessments

» NIC assessments

Review of other flooring inspection reports, provide mediation support.

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Sydney- Canberra- Melbourne- Brisbane
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